Oilcode Options Paper

Closed 9 Oct 2015

Opened 7 Sep 2015


This Oilcode Review will examine the ongoing need for the Oilcode and the operation of the code to determine if it provides appropriate regulation of the conduct of participants in the petroleum marketing industry, particularly with regard to:

  • the establishment of standard contractual terms and conditions for fuel reselling agreements
  • the usefulness and effectiveness of terminal gate price arrangements
  • the operation of the dispute resolution scheme.

Why We Are Consulting

The department has developed an Options paper which proposes three options that seek to address the Oilcode Review’s terms of reference, and stakeholders concerns. The three options are:

  1. Repeal the Oilcode
  2. Parliamentary roll over of the Oilcode
  3. Remake the Oilcode

The Oilcode Options paper is available on the department’s Oilcode Review webpage. Stakeholders are invited to lodge submissions to inform the Review via feedback to the Options paper.

Please note that submissions will be treated as unclassified material and may be published on the industry website, unless otherwise specified or requested. Therefore, any confidential material should be clearly identified and be provided in an appropriately marked appendix. Freedom of Information may still apply to such material.

What Happens Next

The submissions to the Options Paper will inform the development of the Oilcode review - Final Report. The Oilcode Review - Final Report will recommend a policy option for the Oilcode and is planned to be published by the end of 2015.


  • Industry associations
  • State/Territory Government
  • Federal Government
  • Petroleum wholesalers, distributers and retailers


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