Review of the National Survey of Research Commercialisation

Closed 6 Mar 2015

Opened 10 Dec 2014


The National Survey of Research Commercialisation (NSRC) is being reviewed to help strengthen and streamline the data collection regarding commercialisation of publicly funded research in Australia, and to ensure alignment with current and emerging policy objectives for research commercialisation here and abroad.

The review is also addressing administrative matters to make certain future collections and data management processes are accessible and efficient for survey respondents, administrators and data users. An underlying focus is how data might be better organised and presented to maximise relevance and usage and maintain alignment with data collection abroad.

Why We Are Consulting

A discussion paper has been developed after initial discussions with over 40 stakeholders. The Australian Government seeks feedback from interested stakeholders regarding the proposals raised in the discussion paper. This feedback will inform the redesign of the survey. The new survey will be developed and tested in early to mid 2015 with a view to implemention in the second half of 2015.

What Happens Next

Submissions to the Review of the NSRC are now closed.

For progress on the review please go to the Review of the National Survey of Commercialisation Research webpage.


  • Universities
  • Publicly Funded Research Agencies
  • Medical Research Institutions
  • Commonwealth and State/Territory government department and agencies
  • Business
  • Industry Peak bodies
  • International Survey Managers


  • Research Commercialisation
  • Research Commercialisation Assessment
  • Commercialisation pathways
  • Industry Research Collaboration
  • Survey Metrics