Anti-Dumping System Survey

Closed 25 Sep 2020

Opened 26 Aug 2020


Australia’s anti-dumping system aims to remedy the injury caused by dumped and subsidised goods on Australian manufacturers and producers. Anti-dumping or countervailing duties can only be imposed where the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology is satisfied that:

  • goods exported to Australia have been dumped or subsidised
  • dumping or subsidisation has caused, or is threatening to cause, material injury to an Australian industry producing like goods

Dumping and subsidisation are not illegal, but World Trade Organization agreements allow Australia to impose special duties to counter the negative effect of dumping and subsidisation on domestic industry.

Australia's anti-dumping system is administered by the Anti-Dumping Commission under the direction of the Anti-Dumping Commissioner. The Commissioner is required to report to the Minister on a range of matters, including recommending imposition of duties following investigations.

Why we are consulting

The Australian Government is conscious of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australian businesses and consumers. This survey is designed to help us better understand these impacts where they relate to Australia’s anti-dumping system. We also want to know about your experiences with the anti-dumping system and your ideas for changes to the system.

We are committed to operating an effective, efficient and balanced anti-dumping system. Your input will help ensure that the system is able to respond to changing conditions, including global trade disruptions.

Stakeholder feedback is important to us and has helped inform previous reforms to the anti-dumping system.


  • Australian Manufacturers or producers
  • Importers


  • Anti-dumping and countervailing