Moon to Mars: Trailblazer program

Closed 2 May 2021

Opened 8 Apr 2021


The purpose of the Australian Space Agency is to transform and grow a globally respected national space industry that lifts the broader economy and improves the lives of Australians. The Moon to Mars initiative is a $150 million investment over five years to drive the growth of Australia’s space sector.

The Trailblazer program is the flagship element of the Moon to Mars initiative. It supports NASA’s:

  • space exploration program
  • plans to return to the Moon and then go on to Mars

It will contribute flagship Australian space capability within an international space exploration program. The program will also leverage Australia’s competitive strengths in space and showcase Australian capabilities to the world.

Why we are consulting

The Australian Space Agency is currently undertaking public consultation to inform the Trailblazer program. The Agency is seeking your consideration of:

  • the proposed objectives and outcomes of the program
  • Australia’s exploration vision and potential missions
  • the proposed implementation of the program.

Your comments and feedback during the consultation phase are welcomed.

Consultation paper

Moon to Mars initiative - Trailblazer program: Consultation paper [PDF 4MB] [DOCX 35MB].

Information session

The Australian Space Agency hosted an information session to discuss and answer questions on the Trailblazer program on 22 April 2021.

Please note: While the Agency will note common themes of discussion during the information session, submissions to the consultation process must be made in writing.

What happens next

Request for comments on the Australian Space Agency's Moon to Mars Trailblazer program are now closed. Responses have been used to inform the Agency as it seeks to develop and the design of the program along with the vision of the Australia’s exploration strategy.


  • SMEs
  • International organisations
  • Individuals
  • Industry associations
  • Industry
  • Universities
  • Research institutions


  • Civil space sector
  • Space industry capability
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