Moon to Mars: Program Design

Closed 6 Mar 2020

Opened 10 Feb 2020

Feedback updated 2 Jul 2020

We asked

The Australian Space Agency (the Agency) released a paper to inform the consultation process and encourage targeted discussion on the $150 million Moon to Mars initiative. The process provided an opportunity for the Australian Space Agency to engage with industry and the public about developing Australia’s space industry. The consultation paper was accompanied by consultation sessions in every capital city, held in February and March 2020. The sessions sought feedback on the Moon to Mars initiative, including consideration of the objectives, program design and potential areas of investment that will grow Australia’s space industry and inspire the public. 

You said

The consultations were considered an overwhelming success, with engagement from a range of stakeholders across the space, industry and research sectors. The Agency received over 70 written submissions from government, business, academia, non-government organisations and individuals. We heard directly from more than 550 participants in the consultation meetings held across the country.  Read the submissions.

We did

We analysed the submissions and are engaging with experts from industry, academia and community groups to help analyse the feedback which will ultimately inform the program design. The first program expected to open under the Moon to Mars initiative is the Supply Chain program. Further details will be available on our website and through our newsletter.  Read the Moon to Mars Consultation Feedback Summary

This report provides a summary of the consultation outcomes, highlighting themes from participant responses and the Agency’s response to these themes in the context of the Moon to Mars initiative (the initiative).  


If you would like to discuss the consultation outcomes in more detail please contact the Australian Space Agency at 1800 087 367 or at


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The purpose of the Australian Space Agency is to transform and grow a globally respected national space industry that lifts the broader economy and improves the lives of Australians. The Moon to Mars (M2M) initiative is a $150 million investment to accelerate the growth of Australia’s space sector. It is an investment in Australia to provide the opportunity for Australian businesses and researchers to join NASA’s inspirational plan to return to the Moon and then go on to Mars.

The M2M initiative will support Australian businesses to access international space supply chains, create jobs in Australia and support the growth of industries across the economy through the development and application of space technologies.

Why we are consulting

The Agency is seeking feedback on the M2M initiative, this includes consideration of the objectives, program design and potential areas of investment that will develop Australia’s space industry and inspire the public.

Consultation paper

Consultation sessions

To support the consultation we are running in-person sessions around Australia in February and March.

Learn more or register to attend:


The online portal will open on 10 February 2020 and remain open until 11:59pm AEST on 6 March 2020. Submissions will be published on this website unless marked as confidential.

What happens next

Request for comments on the Australian Space Agency's Moon to Mars program development are now closed. Responses have been used to inform the Agency as it seeks to obtain policy approval from the Australian Government to develop the Grant Guidelines.


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