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We received 3,692 submissions from 3,212 unique submitters including individuals, groups and families, businesses, non-business organisations, and officials. They were sent to us in hardcopy and via email.

As part of this process, individuals and organisations were given the opportunity to provide consent for their submissions to be made public.

Consent was given for 77 of the submissions to be made public (2.1% of the total submissions received). One of the 77 submissions where consent was given has not been published as it was almost entirely redacted, based on legal advice regarding the intellectual property contained in the submission.

Should you wish to have your submission made public, please contact us by email at

Once we receive permission, your submission will be reviewed for redactions consistent with the reasons stated below. Please include whether you wish to have your submission published with your name, a pseudonym, or anonymously. Submissions will be published within 28 days.

Bespoke and Proforma Classifications

Submissions were classified as bespoke where they were individually written, and as proforma where five or more identical submissions were identified

1045 submissions received were bespoke, of which 68 have been made publicly available.

There were six pro-forma campaigns. These constituted 2,647 of the total received submissions, of these only 10 were authorised for publication.

For transparency, examples of the pro-forma campaigns are included within the submission database. These are named Proforma 1, Proforma 2, etc.

There are 47 anonymous submissions and 30 submissions where names and organisation details were authorised for publication. Of these 67 were bespoke and 10 were proforma.


To ensure these submissions are suitable for publication, the department has redacted material that would:

  • disclose personal information (in a manner inconsistent with the Privacy Act 1988)
  • be defamatory or abusive
  • violate intellectual property laws
  • encourage illegal activity

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