National Radioactive Waste Management Facility: public submissions

Closed 12 Dec 2019

Opened 1 Aug 2018

Feedback Updated 2 Jul 2020

We Asked

The Australian Government is committed to delivering the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility at Napandee, in Kimba, South Australia. Public submissions were one measure of community sentiment taken into consideration in assessing whether there was broad community support for the facility at the nominated sites.

The submissions period was open for 499 days, from 1 August 2018 to 12 December 2019.

We also sought feedback through community ballots and business and neighbour surveys, between 3 October and 19 December 2019.

You Said

We received 3,692 submissions from 3,212 unique submitters including individuals, groups and families, businesses, non-business organisations, and officials.

As part of this process, individuals and organisations were given the opportunity to provide consent for their submissions to be made public.

Read the public submissions.

We Did

The submissions were analysed and considered as one of a number of indicators of community sentiment.  A range of other factors were also taken into account during the site identification process.

See the Minister’s media release and statement of reasons.

Published Responses

View submitted responses where consent has been given to publish the response.


The National Radioactive Waste Management Facility will only be located at a site that has been volunteered by a landowner, on land that is technically suitable, and with a surrounding community that broadly supports hosting it.

Public submissions are one of the factors the Minister may take into account in understanding community sentiment for the facility. Public and private submissions will be considered.

What Happens Next

Following the conclusion of the submissions process, all submissions have been made public where permission to do so has been explicitly provided.

Should you wish to have your submission made public, please contact us by email at

Once we receive permission, your submission will be reviewed for redactions consistent with the reasons stated below. Please include whether you wish to have your submission published with your name, a pseudonym, or anonymously. Submissions will be published within 28 days.


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