National Radioactive Waste Management Project - Part 2

Closed 11 Mar 2016

Opened 13 Nov 2015


The Australian Government is committed to ensuring Australia has an appropriate facility for the management of radioactive waste created within Australia.

Australia's radioactive waste results from the use of radioactive materials in medicine, research and industry. Relatively small amounts of low and intermediate level waste are produced as a result of these activities.

Although currently safe, these storage arrangements are not ideal: many facilities are nearing capacity, and were not designed for storage over the longer term. As such they have no guarantee of operational continuity. Some of this waste originates from work undertaken by the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). This includes gloves and disposable instruments used in the creation of nuclear medicine.

There is international expert consensus that purpose built, centralised facilities are the safest and most efficient option to manage radioactive waste.

The Minister’s call for voluntary nominations process closed 5 May 2015 with a total of 28 nominations received. The Australian Government has announced six proposed sites for further public comment and public consultation to host a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility.

Why We Are Consulting

The Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia has received voluntary nominations for a potential site for a national radioactive waste management facility.    

The Minister proposes to approve under section 9 of the National Radioactive Waste Management Act 2012 (‘the Act’) six land nominations made under section 7 of the Act. Details of the six land nominations are set out below. 

  1. Sallys Flat - New South Wales, 2641 Hill End Road, Hill End
  2. Hale - Northern Territory, Lot 1933 Old South Road, Hale
  3. Cortlinye - South Australia, 2051 Buckleboo Hundred Line Road, Cortlinye
  4. Pinkawillinie - South Australia, 762 Peella Road, Pinkawillinie
  5. Barndioota - South Australia, 377 Wallerberdina Road, Barndioota
  6. Oman Ama - Queensland, Cunningham Highway, Gore

Details on land nominations, including complete geographical coordinates are on the radioactive waste management website. Approved sites will be subject to detailed assessments to determine their suitability for the national facility. A site will be selected in accordance with the process set out in the Act.

The Minister invites persons with a right or interest in the nominated land to provide comment on the proposed approvals. In addition the Minister is seeking the views of persons from the local communities where the six land nominations are located and other interested persons.


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