Review of the National Trade Measurement Regulations 2009, Part 4: Packaging - Options Paper

Closed 30 Jun 2017

Opened 19 May 2017

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The National Trade Measurement Regulations (NTMR) 2009 Part 4 defines how measurements related to packaging are controlled. It describes how the name and address of the manufacturer as well as the measurement mark should be displayed on a package. Details around prohibited expressions and quantity marking with respect to the product are also included.

This is the second public consultation to be held for this review- the first occurred in late 2015. Two processes were run at that time, one considering all of Part 4, the other targeted at possible changes to the measurement mark. The results from these along with a market research report and the NTMR Options paper for consultation are available below.

 The NTMR paper outlines three possible options:

  1. Leave the regulations as they are currently written.
  2. Clarify specific regulations and add an exclusion of cosmetic products.
  3. Implementing a principles-based approach to the measurement mark.

The last option, currently preferred, removes many of the prescriptive regulations that control the size, orientation and position of the measurement mark. Perhaps the most significant aspect of this change is that it would provide the flexibility to move the measurement mark away from the front of the package.


Why We Are Consulting

This consultation is seeking input from industry and consumers to assist evaluating the proposed options. We are interested in any considerations, particularly costs or benefits that should be factored into the final advice that will be provided to the Minister

Feedback can be provided either via the online form or by attaching a submission below. Your details are requested in case we wish to contact you about your feedback. Further developments may also be communicated through email if this information is provided.

All responses will be published on the consultation website unless you specify otherwise.


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  • Medium business
  • Large business
  • Multinational corporation
  • Industry association/peak body
  • State, territory or local government
  • Non-government/not-for-profit organisation
  • Universities or researchers


  • Labelling
  • Labelling design
  • Packaging
  • Consumer rights
  • Front of pack requirements
  • Trade
  • Import
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  • Australian standards
  • International standards
  • Regulations
  • Red tape reduction
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