Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive: Review survey

Closed 3 Aug 2020

Opened 13 Jul 2020


We’re reviewing the effectiveness of the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI), in line with our department’s evaluation process.

The Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive scheme began in March 2018. The scheme aims to increase the amount of investment in small minerals exploration companies by providing financial capital to support exploration.

We are seeking feedback from participants and applicants, including those who were unsuccessful when applying to join the scheme.

Survey questions

This evaluation survey asks about the scheme:

  • design
  • implementation
  • early outcomes
  • impact

We are seeking to understand your experience with, and perspective of, the scheme. Your feedback is important to us. It will give us a clearer understanding of what worked and how we can improve this scheme or similar programs.

This survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes. Your responses can be anonymous.

Note that you can also take part in our JMEI Annual Impact Assessment. This will allow you to provide further evidence and feedback on how successful the scheme has been at attracting investment in the 2017-18 financial year.

What Happens Next

All feedback received will be reviewed by the Evaluation Unit in order to evaluate the design and implementation of the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive.


  • Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive scheme


  • Mineral exploration