Proposal to adopt OIML R 50 as Australia’s pattern approval standard for belt weighers

Closed 8 Nov 2019

Opened 10 Oct 2019


The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is seeking submissions from stakeholders in response to the proposal to adopt the latest version of OIML R 50:2014, 'Continuous totalising automatic weighing instruments (belt weighers)' as Australia’s pattern approval standard for belt weighers.

Continuous totalising automatic weighing instruments of the belt conveyor type are also known as belt weighers. They continuously weigh bulk product on a conveyor belt, without interrupting the movement of the conveyor belt. Belt weighers in use for trade are common in the mining, agricultural and transport industries where they are used to weigh bulk quantities of products such as coal and wheat.

The OIML Recommendation for belt weighers, OIML R 50, was last revised and updated in 2014. NMI’s proposed regulatory approach will modernise Australia’s requirements for belt weighers in use for trade by aligning them to the latest international standard.

Consultation documents

Adoption of OIML R 50 as Australia’s pattern approval standard for belt weighers documents:

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