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What do you think are the two or three most significant recent developments in hydrogen?
The proposal to use Brown coal for the production of Hydrogen. I'm very concerned about this as it will produce many tons of CO2 and makes this Hydrogen production un- tenable in the present dire climate change conditions.
What are the most important safety issues to consider in producing, handling and using hydrogen in Australia?
Hydrogen production should only be entertained if it is produced without adding to global warming. New safety regulations need to be developed for transportation and use of Hydrogen as a fuel for transport or industrial uses, with a stringent government controlled safety auditing program.
What environmental and community impacts should we examine?
It would be a great use for transport and industry as it is a clean fuel if it is not derived from carbon based feed stock.
How can Australia influence and accelerate the development of a global market for hydrogen?
Increase its Renewable energy production for the production of Hydrogen.
What are the top two or three factors required for a successful hydrogen export industry?
Strict regulations for a domestic requisition formula of this fuel so we don't run into the same problems as with the production of Natural gas at present. Priority needs to be given to the domestic demand for this fuel before any of it is exported.
What are the top two or three opportunities for the use of clean hydrogen in Australia?
It will accelerate the de-carbonisation of our domestic energy and transport infrastructure, if no carbon based fuel stock is used for the production of Hydrogen
What are the main barriers to the use of hydrogen in Australia?
Lack of government regulation of the future transport and energy infrastructure
What are some examples where a strategic national approach could lower costs and shorten timelines for developing a clean hydrogen industry?
The encouragement of more renewable energy production through government initiatives. This would lead to a production of scale and so reduce the per unit cost of Hydrogen production. Also as a result of increased Hydrogen production it would be possible to re design power stations presently using natural gas to Hydrogen and so de-carbonise our society.
What are Australia’s key technology, regulatory and business strengths and weaknesses in the development of a clean hydrogen industry?
The lack of a forward looking energy policy by the present government that is beholden to the continuing use of coal, oil and natural gas usage. At present i can see no strength in any of our federal governments approach to a secure energy future. And until some cohesive energy policy is developed industry and commerce will not be enticed to invest into the Hydrogen fueld future of Australia.
What workforce skills will need to be developed to support a growing clean hydrogen industry?
I think there is sufficient skills resource in Australia if the present dependence on carbon fuels is directed to the use of Hydrogen and the workers at the present energy and transport infrastructure are re directed and re trained in the use of Hydrogen.
What areas in hydrogen research, development and deployment need attention in Australia? Where are the gaps in our knowledge?
The production of Hydrogen is not a new thing. It is easily produced from water by electrolysis. There may be some re-skilling in the fields of transport and vehicle maintenance needed and new safety regulation to be drafted.
Do you have any other comments or submissions to this process?
The production of Hydrogen and the change to an Hydrogen energy and transport system in Australia should only be entertained with zero carbon emission in mind.