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Geoffrey Drucker

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Countrywide Renewable Energy Pty Ltd

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Survey questions

What do you think are the two or three most significant recent developments in hydrogen?
1. The growth in awareness of the different options available to use hydrogen in the energy space; 2. The financial viability of green hydrogen production; and 3. The development of export markets for green hydrogen.
What environmental and community impacts should we examine?
1. Opportunities for green hydrogen production using electrolysers powered by renewables; 2. Transforming mobility from internal combustion (ICE) engine power to EVs and FCEVs; 3. Rewarding early adopters for moving from an ICE to EV/FCEV vehicle 4. Promoting all forms of FCEV mobility, not just cars, buses and trucks, but trains, trams (eg Melbourne Airport Link) and water transport; 5. Hydrogen as an energy storage base - hydrogen produced at renewable electricity generation sites and used in gas turbines to generate power on demand; and 6. Introducing hydrogen into the natural gas pipelines to decarbonise the gas and help control gas prices.
How can Australia influence and accelerate the development of a global market for hydrogen?
1. Physically demonstrate that Australia can produce hydrogen in viable quantities to help meet the growing demand; 2. Promote Australia as a global hydrogen hub with an all-embracing strategy for hydrogen that addresses all aspects of the production and use of the gas; 3. Support hydrogen use in remote locations and demonstrate how hydrogen can create growth opportunities where electricity and gas are not available so systems can be replicated elsewhere in the world; 4. Support offshore investment in large-scale hydrogen production facilities; 5. Establish a hydrogen R&D institution that attracts leading researchers in hydrogen; and 6. Stage an annual hydrogen conference attracting leading speakers and proponents of hydrogen use - complement the conference with an expo that eventually becomes of "Air Show" calibre
What are the top two or three factors required for a successful hydrogen export industry?
1. Delivering a competitive price for hydrogen at the destination; 2. Minimising shipping costs; and 3. Securing long-term supply/purchase agreements
What are the top two or three opportunities for the use of clean hydrogen in Australia?
1. Injection into the natural gas system; 2. Energy storage - on demand energy supply; 3. Replacement of diesel gen-sets
What are some examples where a strategic national approach could lower costs and shorten timelines for developing a clean hydrogen industry?
With respect to large-scale hydrogen production for export, I would expect the Federal and State Governments to collaborate with producers to develop and protect offshore markets for hydrogen as well as help grow opportunities in new markets. With States often having trade and investment personnel based offshore and Austrade in many centres, educations briefings for these representatives will enable them to promote green Australian hydrogen in their respective regions.
What are Australia’s key technology, regulatory and business strengths and weaknesses in the development of a clean hydrogen industry?
Strenghts 1. Stable nation economically and politically 2. Easy to do business - no corruption 3. Access to sophisticated technology, R&D, qualified personnel 4. Investment attractive Weaknesses 1. Large nation in area with a small population relative to other countries 2. Distance from markets 3. Regulation heavy 4. Slow to respond to opportunities
What workforce skills will need to be developed to support a growing clean hydrogen industry?
I believe we have access to the right people.
What areas in hydrogen research, development and deployment need attention in Australia? Where are the gaps in our knowledge?
Large-scale export technology. The CSIRO's patented ammonia/hydrogen export solution is excellent but further R&D will determine the best way to export hydrogen.
Do you have any other comments or submissions to this process?
Support for hydrogen developments needs to be open-ended and not restricted to any one area of use or production.