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Sabina Russell

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Zen Clean Energy Solutions

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Survey questions

What do you think are the two or three most significant recent developments in hydrogen?
Lower cost production New storage technologies like LOHC Carbon capture and sequestration
What are the most important safety issues to consider in producing, handling and using hydrogen in Australia?
Hydrogen is very safe, follow international standards developed in leading regions
What environmental and community impacts should we examine?
Well to wells GHG benefits Local economic opportunities
How can Australia influence and accelerate the development of a global market for hydrogen?
Develop low cost, clean supply International collaborations on shipping methods
What are the top two or three factors required for a successful hydrogen export industry?
Economic incentives for production - e.g. reduced electricity tazes Advancements in storage technolog
What are the top two or three opportunities for the use of clean hydrogen in Australia?
Decarbonization of NG pipeline Fuel cell electric vehicles - starting with heavy duty, then light duty
What are the main barriers to the use of hydrogen in Australia?
What are some examples where a strategic national approach could lower costs and shorten timelines for developing a clean hydrogen industry?
Regulations for vehicles - ZEV mandate, emissions standards Strategic incentives for bulk production and export
What are Australia’s key technology, regulatory and business strengths and weaknesses in the development of a clean hydrogen industry?
Strengths - natural resoures
What workforce skills will need to be developed to support a growing clean hydrogen industry?
Technical expertise in hydrogen production technologies and practicalities of siting projects (EPC experts) Expertise in deployments Knowledge of granting programs
What areas in hydrogen research, development and deployment need attention in Australia? Where are the gaps in our knowledge?
I don't know
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