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Survey questions

What do you think are the two or three most significant recent developments in hydrogen?
Federal and State Government support for a pilot brown coal to hydrogen plant in the Latrobe Valley Commencement of development of a hydrogen carrier Approvals being obtained for an export facility at Hastings.
What are the most important safety issues to consider in producing, handling and using hydrogen in Australia?
Production safety. Transport safety.
What environmental and community impacts should we examine?
CO2 sequestration needs to be explained to the community. Evidence for effectiveness needs to be clearly communicated in simple terms. The community needs to understand the risks of hydrogen relative to things like natural gas or LPG.
How can Australia influence and accelerate the development of a global market for hydrogen?
Provide a fast-track for the approval of large scale projects.
What are the top two or three factors required for a successful hydrogen export industry?
Scale and clear energy policy.
What are the top two or three opportunities for the use of clean hydrogen in Australia?
Transport. Electricity storage and co-generation.
What are the main barriers to the use of hydrogen in Australia?
infrastructure cost policy uncertainty The anti-coal lobby opposing any use of coal including options that involve CCS.
What are some examples where a strategic national approach could lower costs and shorten timelines for developing a clean hydrogen industry?
Providing policy certainty
What are Australia’s key technology, regulatory and business strengths and weaknesses in the development of a clean hydrogen industry?
Don't know
What workforce skills will need to be developed to support a growing clean hydrogen industry?
don't know
What areas in hydrogen research, development and deployment need attention in Australia? Where are the gaps in our knowledge?
Don't know