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Survey questions

What do you think are the two or three most significant recent developments in hydrogen?
I don't think hydrogen should be developed in areas that are currently used for agriculture or anywhere humans live.
What are the most important safety issues to consider in producing, handling and using hydrogen in Australia?
It is dangerous and will ruin the water table - please don't do this.
What environmental and community impacts should we examine?
All of them. Don't do this - please.
How can Australia influence and accelerate the development of a global market for hydrogen?
By showing we have enough sense to leave that stuff where it is.
What are the top two or three factors required for a successful hydrogen export industry?
I am not interested in us exporting this at all.
What are the top two or three opportunities for the use of clean hydrogen in Australia?
None. Don't let Gina and her buddies in the National and Liberal parties sell this.
What are the main barriers to the use of hydrogen in Australia?
Maintaining the safety for humans, animals and the water.
What are some examples where a strategic national approach could lower costs and shorten timelines for developing a clean hydrogen industry?
I don't want this to occur.
What are Australia’s key technology, regulatory and business strengths and weaknesses in the development of a clean hydrogen industry?
We are too corrupt and incompetent to do this, so let's not.
What workforce skills will need to be developed to support a growing clean hydrogen industry?
What about solar power? Wind power? Harnessing the ocean's waves?
What areas in hydrogen research, development and deployment need attention in Australia? Where are the gaps in our knowledge?
Don't do this.
Do you have any other comments or submissions to this process?
Yes - as a Grandmother I am begging you - don't do this!!!