National Hydrogen Strategy Issues Papers

Closed 28 Jul 2019

Opened 1 Jul 2019

Feedback Updated 14 Jan 2020

We Asked

Building on previous engagement, the COAG Energy Council Working Group released nine thematic issues papers on 1 July 2019. The issues papers sought feedback on the potential role of policies and actions in realising hydrogen opportunities, with questions presented in each issue paper.

You Said

We received 77 submissions (23 of which were confidential) from government, business, academia, non-government organisations and individuals.

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We Did

We analysed the submissions and engaged with experts from industry, academia and community groups to help analyse the feedback. This enabled us to develop Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy.

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Published Responses

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The COAG Energy Council Working Group recognises the importance of consultation with industry and community to develop a national hydrogen strategy. Building on earlier engagement, the issues papers are seeking feedback on the potential role of policies and actions in realising hydrogen opportunities.

Issues papers series

  1. Hydrogen at scale [852KB PDF] [429KB DOCX] 
  2. Attracting hydrogen investment [1.1MB PDF] [506KB DOCX]
  3. Developing a hydrogen export industry [653KB PDF] [303KB DOCX]
  4. Guarantees of origin [737KB PDF] [305KB DOCX]
  5. Understanding community concerns for safety and the environment [3.5MB PDF] [769KB DOCX]
  6. Hydrogen in the gas network [996KB PDF] [427KB DOCX]
  7. Hydrogen to support electricity systems [655KB PDF] [302KB DOCX]
  8. Hydrogen for transport [718KB PDF] [310KB DOCX]
  9. Hydrogen for industrial users [622KB PDF] [302KB DOCX]

Download the full series of issues papers [11.6MB ZIP ARCHIVE]

You will need to input your answers via text boxes and will have the opportunity to upload a supplementary document. You can respond by answering any or all of the questions presented in each issues paper.

What Happens Next

Your response will inform the draft National Hydrogen Strategy to be released in coming months.

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