Measurement Assurance

Closes 23 Dec 2019

Opened 29 Oct 2019


The Australian Government is reviewing Australia's measurement laws.

The Measurement Law Review aims to identify any aspects of Australia's measurement framework that can be modernised, streamlined or simplified to better meet the needs of a modern economy.

Measurement Assurance represents the third tranche of public consultations and consists of two discussion papers each examining a different aspect of measurement assurance.

Third Party Arrangements explores the adequacy and suitability of current third party arrangements and what improvements could be made to the role of the inspectorate in relation to third parties.

Compliance Arrangements examines current enforcement options and what improvements could be made to the current role the inspectorate plays in compliance monitoring.

Why We Are Consulting

The insights gained through this consultation will help create a simple and modern measurement framework that can meet the measurement challenges of today and opportunities of tomorrow.

Feedback to this paper will be used to inform the development of policy options for Australia’s future measurement laws.

Give Us Your Views


  • Pattern Approval Applicants
  • Governance and Business Performance
  • National Measurement Institute Customers
  • LPG measuring system and device manufacturers and suppliers
  • LPG testing and calibration providers
  • Petroleum industry associations
  • Consumer associations
  • Importers
  • Exporters
  • Consumers
  • Small/micro business
  • Medium business
  • Large business
  • Multinational corporation
  • Industry association/peak body
  • State, territory or local government
  • Non-government/not-for-profit organisation
  • Universities or researchers
  • Users of measuring instruments for trade
  • Manufacturers, Importers and Suppliers of measuring instruments used for trade
  • Interested parties, domestic and international


  • Trade measurement
  • Weights and measures
  • Pattern approval
  • Verification
  • Packaging
  • Consumer rights
  • Trade
  • Import
  • Export
  • Australian standards
  • Regulations
  • Red tape reduction
  • Cost to business
  • Principled legislation
  • Prescriptive legislation
  • Measurement
  • Weights
  • Volume
  • Testing methods
  • Measurement Law