Have Your Say on Australia's Measurement Future

Closed 11 May 2018

Opened 21 Nov 2017


The Australian Government has announced a ‘once-in-a-generation’ comprehensive review of Australia’s measurement laws.

We are relying on measurement more and more for our everyday activities. Rapid developments in science, technology, industrial production and innovation have, in turn, driven and been driven by comparably rapid developments in measurement. Australia’s measurement framework must be fit for purpose for current and future opportunities or challenges. It should facilitate innovation and competition, reduce any business uncertainty and transaction costs, and position the regulator to undertake appropriate risk based enforcement activity.

The Measurement Law Review will work with all interested parties, domestic and international, to understand their needs in reshaping Australia’s measurement framework. The Government’s goal is to deliver the best measurement framework for Australia.

Get involved

At this early stage, the Government will be focused on:

  • ideas, rather than proposing solutions;
  • ruling nothing in or out;
  • considering the economic value of measurement to Australia; and
  • examining different models to deliver Australian measurement needs.

We want your ideas to shape Australia’s measurement future. To learn more see:

Share your views on some, or all, of the questions below or simply express your views or ideas to reform Australia’s measurement laws.

1.       What economic and scientific changes are on the horizon which measurement needs to be prepared for?

2.       What should be the Commonwealth’s role in measurement?

3.       What is working well in Australia’s measurement framework?

4.       What would you change about Australia’s measurement framework?

What happens next

Your response will be used to help shape Australia’s measurement future.


  • Interested parties, domestic and international


  • Measurement
  • Measurement Law