Future Employment Services

Closed 3 Aug 2018

Opened 29 Jun 2018

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The Australian Government delivers employment services to support job seekers who are on income support into work. The world of work is changing and while the current system, jobactive, is delivering good outcomes, we need an employment system that can adapt to the changing landscape.

The completion of jobactive arrangements in 2020 provides the opportunity to consider how employment services can continue to keep pace with digital advancements and changes in the Australian labour market, and better support the most disadvantaged job seekers into work.

The work to design the new model for employment services is being informed by the Employment Services Expert Advisory Panel. This Discussion Paper sets out the issues currently under consideration for the design of the new system.

Interested parties are encouraged to respond to the discussion paper and to provide their views on the issues currently under consideration. To view the paper, click on the tile below:   


The questions discussed in this paper have been informed by the Employment Services Expert Advisory Panel (the Panel), national and international research, and intensive user-centred design with users including job seekers, employers, and employment service providers.

This consultation will inform the development of a report to Government by the Panel. The report will outline the Panel’s advice to government on how Employment Services can be delivered beyond the current contracts that will end in 2020.

Why We Are Consulting

The Department values diverse perspectives on the design of future employment services. The purpose of this consultation is to seek the views of interested parties, including job seekers, employers, employment service providers and the community, to help inform the design for the future model.

How do I provide feedback?

Your feedback can be provided in three ways:

1) Answering key questions.
    The Department has provided a number of targeted questions 
    surrounding key aspects of the Discussion Paper. The questions 
    are intended to initiate conversation around reform. You are
    welcome to address these questions and raise any concerns around the
    specified area of reform. 
    You may wish to answer some or all of these questions.

2) Uploading a submission.
    You may wish to upload a formal submission. This can be attached 
    after the questions. There are no requirements on what 
    you may discuss, however the Discussion Paper may be used as a guide.
    You are welcome to upload a submission in addition to commenting on the
    prepopulated questions, but this is not a requirement.

3) Postal submission.
    If for any reason you are unable to provide feedback using the 
    Consultation Hub, submission can be posted to:
                       Future Employment Services Consultation
                       Active Labour Market Assistance Branch
                       Department of Jobs and Small Business
                       GPO Box 9880
                       CANBERRA ACT 2601

What Happens Next

Consultation is now closed.

For further information and updates on the design of future of employment services please visit the Department of Jobs and Small Business website at: https://www.jobs.gov.au/future-employment-services

If you wish to provide a late response please email your submission to Future-Employment-Services@jobs.gov.au.


  • All interested parties
  • Job seekers
  • Employers
  • Service providers
  • Community organisations


  • The Government is reviewing the design of generalist employment, when the current jobactive arrangements end in 2020.