2015 Review of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000: Issues paper

Closed 24 Jul 2015

Opened 12 Jun 2015


The fuel quality function transferred to our department from the Department of the Environment and Energy on 1 February 2020.

Update April 2016: Final report

We published the final report from the second independent review of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000.

Update February 2016: Draft report

The draft report sought final views from industry, government and the community.

Background and terms of reference

The Minister for the Environment announced the second review of the Review of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000, and appointed Marsden Jacob Associates, which partnered with Pacific Environment/Toxikos, to undertake the review. The first review of the Act took place in 2005.

The terms of reference describe the scope, governance, deliverables, timeframe and methodology for the review:

Issues paper

The independent review issues paper provided information to assist in preparing initial submissions to the review. These submissions helped identify strengths and weaknesses in the legislative framework, and guided the development of options for improving fuel quality management in Australia.

Background reports

Independent reports provided further information relevant to the review:


  • Fuel Quality


  • Fuel Quality