Energy Green Paper Consultation

Closed 4 Nov 2014

Opened 23 Sep 2014


The Australian Government was elected on a platform of signature economic reforms that focus on deregulation, competition and productivity.

Energy is an enabler of economic growth and the Energy White Paper is central to the Government’s plan for a strong and prosperous economy.

Reliable and affordable energy, used productively, supports business competitiveness, lowers the cost of living and grows export income.

The Energy Green Paper is the second step in the development of the Energy White Paper.  It discusses issues and proposes policy approaches to improve Australia’s energy outcomes.  The Green Paper was informed by extensive stakeholder consultation, submissions received on the Issues Paper and other related policy reviews.

The Government seeks your comments on ways the Goals in the Green Paper could be acheived.  The consultation process will run for a six week period from 23 September 2014 closing on 4 November 2014.

Submissions can be made by clicking on the link below.  Please note that you are not required to complete your submission in one sitting. You can save at anytime and come back later.  Others can also review your online comments before submitting.

You can download the Frequently Asked Questions below for more information.

What Happens Next

Thank you for making a submission to the Energy Green Paper.

Submissions to the Green Paper will be reviewed by the Energy White Paper Taskforce to help inform the development of the Energy White Paper.



  • Electricity prices
  • Gas supply and market operation
  • Energy resources investment
  • Security, innovation and energy productivity