Independent review of the Energy Security Board

Closed 13 May 2020

Opened 29 Apr 2020


The COAG Energy Council has engaged an independent consultant to review the effectiveness and performance of the Energy Security Board (ESB). COAG Energy Council established the ESB following the Finkel Review.

Terms of reference

Proposal for comment

The review is seeking input from relevant stakeholders on a range of issues. These include:

  • Observations about the ESB’s performance in relation to its “scope of responsibility” and “specific actions” in its Terms of Reference, including implementation of the Finkel Review recommendations.
  • Feedback on how well the ESB has undertaken the role of providing whole-of-system oversight to the Council on energy security, reliability and affordability in the National Electricity Market (NEM),and the extent to which it has provided a useful coordinating mechanism to ensure the 3 energy market bodies take appropriate actions.
  • Any issues relating to ESB’s role in governance of the system, membership of the ESB and its structure, and the need or otherwise for a body like this in the governance of the NEM. These opinions may canvas alternate models, structures and processes including roles and responsibilities.
  • Views about the evolving role of the ESB since its inception.

Responses may raise other governance matters relevant to the Terms of Reference for the review.

In your submission outline what level of engagement, if any, there has been between your organisation and the ESB.

What Happens Next

The indpendent review of the Energy Security Board is scheduled to report to the COAG Energy Council in mid 2020. We will publish responses on our Consultation hub. The report will be available on the COAG Energy Council website.


  • State/Territory Government
  • Peak bodies
  • Energy industry


  • Energy/governance