Mapping Australia's Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Capability

Closed 4 Dec 2020

Opened 2 Oct 2020


This survey seeks information to support the development of a national Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems Capability Map, which is being led by the South Australian and Queensland Governments. This is an outcome of the inaugural National Meeting of Digital Economy and Technology Ministers on 15 May 2020.

Part A of the survey seeks information at an organisational level about Australia’s national artificial intelligence and autonomous systems capabilities.

Part B of the survey focusses on unique, world-leading and significant Australian case studies and projects. 

We invite organisations from the private and public sectors to participate.

Why we are consulting

We will provide the Map to Australia’s digital economy and technology Ministers and agencies to:

  • highlight areas of strength and expertise to drive greater collaboration domestically
  • inform the promotion of Australia as a key location for research, development and commercialisation

The Map will consider:

  • public and private projects
  • centres of expertise
  • investments
  • case studies that draw on world leading, unique and/or innovative capabilities in AI and autonomous systems
  • skills, infrastructure and talent that underpins these case studes.

For the purposes of the Map, we use the CSIRO definition of AI:

Artificial intelligence (AI) may be defined as a collection of interrelated technologies used to solve problems autonomously and perform tasks to achieve defined objectives, in some cases without explicit guidance from a human being. Subfields of AI include machine learning, computer vision, human language technologies, robotics, knowledge representation and other scientific fields.

What happens next

We will analyse the information provided to develop supporting documents for the Ministers meeting in September 2020. Results and draft documents for the Minister meeting will be shared and discussed with representatives from the state and territory governments for feedback before the September national Meeting of Digital Economy and Technology Ministers.


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