Australia's AI Action Plan: discussion paper

Closed 27 Nov 2020

Opened 29 Oct 2020

Results updated 22 Jun 2021

The Australian Government has now released Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Action Plan


Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we live, work and play. The Australian Government recognises that AI will have enormous social and economic benefits for all Australians. But there are potential challenges to overcome.

Why we are consulting

Our department is consulting on the development of an Artificial Intelligence Action Plan. It will help us maximise the benefits of AI for all Australians and manage the potential challenges.

This plan will help:

  • ensure the development and use of AI is safe, responsible and ethical
  • coordinate government policy and national capability under a clear, common vision for AI in Australia
  • explore the actions needed for our AI future

We are seeking your input to test our ideas and inform the development of the AI Action Plan.

Discussion paper


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