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  • Consultation on Implementing Partial Cost Recovery

    The Australian Government agreed to introduce a partial cost recovery model for the assessment of applications under the Space (Launches and Returns) Act 2018 (the 2018 Act), which was outlined in the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) 2019-20. Under the partial cost recovery... More
    Opened 16 March 2021
  • Future Australian Space Medicine and Life Sciences Capability

    Due to strong interest from stakeholders, the Australian Space Agency is opening consultations to run again until 21 March 2021. You are welcome to submit new or additional responses, even if you’ve already submitted input during the previous consultation period (which ran from 8... More
    Opened 17 February 2021
  • Future Fuels Strategy: Discussion Paper

    New vehicle technologies and fuels will drive the future of road transport in Australia. Increased availability of battery electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, biofuels and associated recharging and refueling infrastructure will: give consumers more choice ... More
    Opened 5 February 2021
  • 2021 Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release: nominated areas for comment

    The annual Offshore Petroleum Exploration Acreage Release is a key part of the Australian Government's strategy to encourage petroleum exploration in Australia’s offshore waters. We seek to balance environmental, social and economic considerations in the development of Australia’s natural... More
    Opened 19 January 2021
  • Offshore oil and gas decommissioning: enhanced framework

    Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry has reliably supported Australia’s energy security and economic activity through over 50 years of safe and responsible development of our energy resources. As Australia’s offshore oil and gas industry matures, there will be an increase in... More
    Opened 14 December 2020
  • Gas Fired Recovery Plan

    Due to strong interest from stakeholders, the department is extending consultations to run until 31 March 2021. You are welcome to submit new or additional responses, even if you’ve already submitted input during the previous consultation period (which ran from 1 December to 26 February... More
    Opened 1 December 2020
  • Supply Chain Resilience Initiative

    On 1 October 2020 the Australian Government announced a new $107.2 million Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) to help position Australia to better respond to future crises such as COVID-19. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic government and industry have worked together to rapidly... More
    Opened 30 November 2020
  • Vehicle tank level gauging – standards and test procedures

    The National Measurement Institute (NMI) is seeking submissions from stakeholders on a proposal to update Australia’s pattern approval and verification test procedures to align with the current international standard for the level gauging of vehicle tanks in use for trade published by the... More
    Opened 11 November 2020
  • Franchising Code of Conduct: exposure draft

    The Australian Government is introducing changes to the Franchising Code of Conduct in response to the Fairness in Franchising report. These will implement the Government’s Response to the report. The report identified weaknesses in parts of the franchising sector, which impacted small... More
    Opened 6 November 2020
  • Australia's AI Action Plan: discussion paper

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we live, work and play. The Australian Government recognises that AI will have enormous social and economic benefits for all Australians. But there are potential challenges to overcome. More
    Opened 29 October 2020
  • Options for a prospective national gas reservation scheme: issues paper

    The Australian Government is committed to exploring options for a prospective national gas reservation policy. This aims to ensure Australian gas users get the energy they need at a reasonable price. Our department is consulting with stakeholders to develop options. ... More
    Opened 27 October 2020
  • Landfill Gas Method Variation

    The Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee has completed a periodic review of the Landfill Gas method. The periodic review examined whether the method continues to comply with six offsets integrity standards. These are set out in section 133(1) of the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative)... More
    Opened 26 October 2020
  • Modern Manufacturing Strategy road maps

    As part of the 2020-21 Budget the government will invest $1.5 billion in a Modern Manufacturing Strategy. The Strategy is key to the Government’s JobMaker plan. It will harness our manufacturing capability to increase competitiveness, build scale and enhance our future resilience. ... More
    Opened 23 October 2020
  • NITP 5.1 – National Instrument Test Procedures for Fuel Dispensers other than LPG Dispensers – First edition, third revision

    The National Measurement Institute (NMI) has been working to revise NITP 5.1 – National Instrument Test Procedures for Fuel Dispensers other than LPG Dispensers. The coverage of proposed revisions includes: clarifying requirements for volume standards ... More
    Opened 19 October 2020
  • Sampling and Test Procedures for Prepackaged Products – First edition, third revision

    The National Measurement Institute (NMI) has been working to revise the Sampling and Test Procedures for Prepackaged Products. The coverage of proposed revisions includes: incorporating new test methods for linear and area measurement expanding the range of... More
    Opened 19 October 2020
  • Mapping Australia's Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems Capability

    This survey seeks information to support the development of a national Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous Systems Capability Map, which is being led by the South Australian and Queensland Governments. This is an outcome of the inaugural National Meeting of Digital Economy and... More
    Opened 2 October 2020
  • Patents accessibility review

    The Australian Government has commissioned an independent review of the accessibility of the patent system for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs). More
    Opened 30 September 2020
  • Customer experience with the Research and Development Tax Incentive

    The Research and Development Tax Incentive (R&DTI) helps offset some of the costs that businesses invest into eligible R&D. Our department is working on a number of reforms to improve your experience when participating in the program. We would like to understand your current experience in... More
    Opened 28 September 2020
  • Register for user testing

    You are invited to register your interest, to participate in user research testing for DISER websites such as . Testing with real users is important because it helps inform design improvements. This user research opportunity is intended for people who are NOT... More
    Opened 10 September 2020
  • Second review of the Premises Standards 2010: survey

    We’re reviewing the Disability (Access to Premises – Building) Standards 2010. The purpose of the Premises Standards is to make sure: people living with a disability and their family members, carers and friends have equal access to public buildings building... More
    Opened 8 September 2020
  • Country of Origin Labelling for Complementary Medicines: Proposed Information Standard

    The complementary medicines sector has called for greater access to Australian origin claims for its products. The Australian Government, with the agreement of state and territory members of the Legislative and Governance Forum on Consumer Affairs (CAF), is progressing reforms to address the... More
    Opened 28 August 2020
  • Anti-Dumping System Survey

    Australia’s anti-dumping system aims to remedy the injury caused by dumped and subsidised goods on Australian manufacturers and producers. Anti-dumping or countervailing duties can only be imposed where the Minister for Industry, Science and Technology is satisfied that: goods exported... More
    Opened 26 August 2020
  • R&D Tax Incentive: draft refreshed Guide to Interpretation

    Our department is committed to supporting Australian businesses to access the R&D Tax Incentive each year to allow businesses to claim a tax offset for the research and development they undertake. We provide education and guidance to business to help them assess whether they are eligible for... More
    Opened 25 August 2020
  • Future space industry missions consultation

    The Australian Space Agency aims to grow and transform a globally respected national space industry. To achieve our broader goal of tripling the size of the space sector to $12 billion and creating around 20,000 extra jobs by 2030, we are helping businesses participate in new local and global... More
    Opened 17 August 2020
  • Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Review: draft policy framework

    We are reviewing the regulatory regime for the safety of workers in the offshore oil and gas sector as part of our commitment to continuous regulatory improvement. Our Offshore Oil and Gas Safety Review aims to ensure the regime is fit-for-purpose, up-to-date and reflects leading... More
    Opened 7 August 2020
  • Safeguard Mechanism: Additional Prescribed Production Variables

    The Safeguard Mechanism is part of the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007 . Together with the emissions reporting obligations under the Act, the Safeguard Mechanism provides a framework for Australia’s largest emitters to measure, report and manage their emissions. It places... More
    Opened 3 August 2020
  • Evaluation of Country of Origin Labelling for Food: discussion paper

    Reforms of Australia’s Country of Origin Labelling (CoOL) regulations for food were passed in 2016 and came into full-effect in July 2018. The CoOL reforms were implemented in response to feedback from consumers that previous origin labelling claims on food were hard to find, confusing or did... More
    Opened 31 July 2020
  • Designs Amendment (Advisory Council on Intellectual Property Response) Bill 2020

    IP Australia is seeking your views on an exposure draft of a Designs Amendment Bill and Designs Amendment Regulations (‘draft legislation’). The draft legislation aims to deliver early benefits to designers ahead of further design initiatives currently in development. This includes a 12-month... More
    Opened 23 July 2020
  • FullCAM update: draft guidelines for comments

    We are preparing to release an update to the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) for public use in September 2020. FullCAM is the model we use to construct Australia's national greenhouse gas emissions account for the land sector. Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) project participants use... More
    Opened 15 July 2020
  • Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive: Annual impact assessment for the 2017-18 financial year

    We’re reviewing the impact of the Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive (JMEI), in line with legislative requirements. The Junior Minerals Exploration Incentive scheme began in March 2018. The scheme aims to increase the amount of investment in small minerals exploration companies to... More
    Opened 13 July 2020
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