Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin scheme: discussion paper

Closes 30 Jul 2021

Opened 21 Jun 2021


Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy sets a vision for a clean, innovative, safe and competitive hydrogen industry that benefits all Australians. It aims to position our industry as a major global player by 2030.

An early priority action item in the strategy is to develop a certification scheme to measure and track the emissions associated with hydrogen production.

Our department has developed a proposed approach to a Guarantee of Origin scheme for hydrogen in Australia. This draws on domestic stakeholder consultation in 2020 and ongoing work through the International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy.

Why we are consulting

We are seeking industry input to inform the design of the scheme.

Discussion paper

We have created an online survey summarising all the questions in the discussion paper. You may choose to respond to all or some of them. Please read the discussion paper before taking the survey.

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  • Hydrogen
  • Low emissions energy
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