FullCAM update: 2020 pre-release

Closes 12 Jun 2020

Opened 21 May 2020


We are preparing to release an update to the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) for public use in September 2020.

FullCAM is the model we use to construct Australia's national greenhouse gas emissions account for the land sector. Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) project participants use FullCAM to estimate abatement for a range of ERF forest methods.

We will deliver the FullCAM update through a single public release version of FullCAM that will incorporate both a 2020 FullCAM option and a 2016 FullCAM option.

We are inviting initial comments on draft guidelines for the 2020 update of the model. A pre-release version of the FullCAM update is also available to preview. Your input will help us progress the guidelines before we release them for further consultation, before the public release of the new FullCAM.

FullCAM pre-release

Access a pre-release version of the FullCAM 2020 option

We have been made aware that while simulations in the pre-release can be run using a start date of 31 December 2017 or earlier, a bug causes the model to freeze when using a 2018 or later start date. We are working to resolve the issue.

This version is for preview purposes only and is not the latest publicly available version.

Draft FullCAM Guidelines

ERF methods require FullCAM to be used in line with FullCAM Guidelines. See the updated guidelines for each method:

You can provide comments on any or all of the draft guidelines by annotating the documents or summarising your feedback in a written submission.

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