Consultation on the proposed revocation of the Sequestering Carbon in Soils in Grazing Systems

Closed 23 Apr 2018

Opened 26 Mar 2018

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The climate change function transferred to our department from the Department of the Environment and Energy on 1 February 2020.

The Department of the Environment and Energy is seeking views on a proposal to revoke the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative—Sequestering Carbon in Soils in Grazing Systems) Methodology Determination 2014. Submissions on this proposal are open from 26 March to 23 April 2018.

The Department is seeking comments on the general proposal to revoke the method and what timing should be associated with any revocation.

If the method is revoked, any new direct measurement soil carbon projects will need to be registered under the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative—Measurement of Soil Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Systems) Methodology Determination 2018.

The 2018 methodology allows eligible projects registered under the 2014 methodology to transfer to the 2018 methodology at any time.

Note: The proposed revocation and timings are not guaranteed and should not be relied upon for planning an ERF project. Revocation and timing may be modified following public consultation and are not final until determined by the Minister for the Environment and Energy. For more information on ERF methods, please see the ERF fact sheets.


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