Review of the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Methodology (Facilities) Determination 2015

Closed 12 Jul 2019

Opened 11 Jun 2019

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The climate change function transferred to our department from the Department of the Environment and Energy on 1 February 2020.

The Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee (the Committee) undertook a review of the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Methodology (Facilities) Determination 2015 (the Facilities Method). The Facilities Method was made on 24 August 2015 and amended on 17 March 2016. In the course of this review, the Committee investigated whether the Facilities Method continues to comply with the six offsets integrity standards set out in section 133(1) of the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011. The Committee sought views on how to increase uptake of the Facilities Method, while still meeting the offsets integrity standards.

The Committee undertook public consultation to inform its review and invited interested businesses, community organisations and individuals to make a submission. The public consultation period commenced on 11 June 2019 and ended on 12 July 2019.

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The Committee developed a consultation paper providing information on the method, the review process and areas of particular focus for the review.

ERAC consultation paper (PDF - 189.79 KB)
ERAC consultation paper (DOCX - 71.32 KB)

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