Landfill Gas Method Variation

Closed 20 Nov 2020

Opened 26 Oct 2020


The Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee has completed a periodic review of the Landfill Gas method. The periodic review examined whether the method continues to comply with six offsets integrity standards. These are set out in section 133(1) of the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act 2011. An earlier crediting period extension review considered whether crediting periods of projects registered under the method should be extended under section 255A of the Act.

The Committee is calling for submissions on a draft variation to the method developed to implement their findings in the two reviews.

As stakeholders were previously consulted on some of these issues, the Committee has approved a shorter consultation period of 21 days.

Responsibilities for the Emissions Reduction Fund method development have transferred to the Clean Energy Regulator. Our department will provide submissions to the Regulator.

Consultation documents

Next Steps

The Regulator will undertake further consultation in 2021 around:

  • ongoing audit requirements for ERF projects with an extended crediting period
  • a new landfill gas method providing an extended crediting period for projects engaged in electricity generation

What happens next

The Clean Energy Regulator is considering any submissions provided by the due date.


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