Landfill gas (generation) method: proposed new method

Closed 13 Jun 2021

Opened 24 May 2021


The Emissions Reduction Assurance Committee is seeking feedback on a proposed new methodology determination:

  • Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative—Electricity Generation from Landfill Gas) Methodology Determination 2021

The proposed Landfill gas (generation) method credits emissions reductions achieved through the destruction of methane from decomposing waste at a landfill site where the landfill operator intends to generate electricity.

This method would cover projects that intend to generate electricity from combusting landfill gas, either exclusively or in conjunction with flaring.

Existing landfill gas projects would be able to move to this new method if they meet its eligibility requirements.


Draft method determination

Next Steps

The Clean Energy Regulator is responsible for developing Emissions Reduction Fund method development, and will review feedback you provide on this proposed method.

What happens next

This consultation has now closed.

The Clean Energy Regulator is considering any submissions provided by the due date.


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